In this section you can find my writings, divided by categories.

I’ve always loved writing, from a very early age. It started for fun, like everything else, and it became a big part of my daily life.
I began writing surreal poems with my cousin when we were 10. It was a sort of automatic process and we enjoyed using strange words and illogical combinations.
Then I grew fond of music, and I started paying attention to the lyrics of my favourite tracks. It was The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis and many more. I realized that words could mean a lot and I started writing songs and poems myself.
By the age of 18 I had written a pile of various and unimpressive texts, experimenting with the different formats. Then I went to university and started studying Communication. It blew my mind. I fell in love with semiotics and linguistics: I learnt how languages work and I linked that to my artistic development, both in music and writings.
From then, I’ve kept writing whenever I felt like it. One day I realized I had written so much stuff and decided to organize it, filter it and share some of it.

Since i’m not a professional writer, I always felt free to write anything that came into my mind, from non-sense poetry to quite serious essays. This resulted in a pretty inhomegenous collection. Some texts were written as lyrics for Songs. Some turned into real songs, some never did. The Poems overlap with the songs, but they were not intended as melodies, so I kept them apart. Short stories include little narrative tales and short monologues. Long stories range from novels to long works of fiction. Essays include most of the non-fiction works. Ebooks is an educational section, from which some of my works can be downloaded.

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