Long stories

Writing longs stories might require a few months time and my inspiration doesn’t usually last that long. I’ve started many long stories and I’ve only completed a few, while some others turned into short stories.

My early attempts are hardly worth mentioning. A first autobiographical novel was called Una nuvola nel bicchiere. Looking back at it, I like the plot but I regret my early style.

A second attempt is called AmsterDamned and it’s a surreal tale about a trip with friends in the Dutch capital. It might need some adjustments, but I still enjoy it as it is.

More recently I wrote HostHell, based on the memories of the few months I spent in a hostel near Hyde Park in London. I met the weirdest characters there and this story is an attempt to bring them back to life through writing.

My most accomplished long story is probably La via del nullafacente. It is a sort of philosophical essay disguised as novel and inspired by “La via del Samurai” by Yukio Mishima, of which it mimics the style.

I also wrote a book for kids, called Il tavolo bianco. It’s a collection of short stories in which a little kid learns something new about life by exploring the objects on his white desk. My daughter read it and she liked it, that’s the most I can say about it.


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